nea-club brings together more than 30 producers, mostly passionate winegrowers who represent almost all the major denominations of all wine regions in Italy).

We created nea-club with a very specific goal, facilitate direct purchases from producers, even remotely, even in small quantities, thanks to the Mix & Match opportunity between different products from different producers, allowing wine tasting, beers and spirits from the "Bel Paese".




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Collina Serragrilli

Since the end of the nineteenth century the land of Collina Serragrilli has been farmed by four generations of the same family. From the days when grapes were sold “ex vat” , and wine in barrels loaded onto ox-drawn carts, the business has been passed down from father to son. Today it is run with integrity and enterprise by the latest generation of the Lequio family with the help of their husbands and in-laws, whose background is also in wine. Grandfather and great-grandfather were noted local vignerons who left behind vineyards of the highest quality, and the winery remains at the forefront of winegrowing in the area 

For the past 30 years, this estate in the Barbaresco DOCG has been run by women: along with their loved ones, sisters Rosanna, Daniela and Antonella Lequio do everything themselves from soil to bottle. With some of their own daughters now studying enology, this may be the family's first generation of women winemakers, but certainly not the last. more

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Collina Serragrilli's Wines



TERRE GAIE is my creator, my atelier, my winery.
Terre Gaie raises in the wonderful land of the Euganean Hills, an archipelago of 81 islands that pop up lively from the Po Valley nearby Venice, Padova and Verona. It’s a generous area kissed by the sun, which become the “cradle” of a great wines full of freshness, minerality and which totally express this volcanic and calcareous nature.

Focused on the exaltation of the terroir, in full respect of the origins and of the typical varieties of the Euganean Hills, TERRE GAIE has the ability to reflect contemporary culture, to sense and anticipate trends, to respond to innovation.

From this attitude I sprang... I’m DIVO your wine prêt-à -porter. I’m a new way of living the wine, a new style, an innovative 375 aluminium bottle informal, young, lively, resealable.

I contain a wine for all tastes gorgeous sparkling Rosè and Dry, international Chardonnay and Cabernet.

I’m eco-friendly, unbreakable, light, totally recyclable, resealable and reusable. more

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