Initially a Family-Club, friends and winemakers, with small vineyards, created to face the international market together, nea-club has, today, about 40 producers, selected for their authenticity. All the producers of Wine, Beers, Spirits or Gourmet Food of the Club share the same philosophy:

. Our family farms use eco-sustainable farming methods that respect the Earth. Some of them are already certified Bio, Biodynamic, Vegan, ...

. Each cultivation takes place on our farms or under the strict control of our families.

. The unique style that distinguishes the "savoir-faire" of the producer, preserved through the generations, helps to protect the traditions, the ancient regional recipes, and the craftsmanship, in the maniacal search for excellence as evidenced by the numerous awards received by our companies.

NEA, which has become, month after month, a Club of Italian Producers of Excellence, will be pleased to welcome you to its "Tasting Room": CULTUM, a showcase for Italian Food and Wine Specialties.

We want to face the international market in a different, modern and dynamic way, as well as professional, to compete with the market leaders, more industrialized, in each category we offer.

Philippe Prigent


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