Originally only a group of friends, winemakers with small vineyards, NEA became month after month a Club of Italian Producers of Excellences.

It has been founded to communicate all aspects of what makes our products unique: its flavour, style, history, location and the women and men who make them, but also to address the International Market in a professional, modern and dynamic way, to be able to compete with the major multinational industries.

Because we believe, after tasting thousands of wines, that the very best come consistently from small estates. If you think about it, it’s a lot easier to make a great meal for 5 people than for 500, and winemaking is not different. This is why we are proud to tell our clients that they are holding a small batch wine from a family-owned estate that they will be proud to present and promote. In working with small, family-owned estates we are not just ensuring that the wine is fantastic, but we are working to protect a way of life that has been preserved through generations.





Excellent products as a must

Producers chosen for the quality of their products and respect of the shared philosophy.

A single platform multi-products and multi-producer

No need to create a critical mass for each single producer.

A single management for documentation and payments

all our clients, if insured by Coface, can pay after they received goods to facilitate order process

A personalised service through our Team

Trainings, Wine tours, exclusive labels and more…

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