"Le Sentinelle" Morellino di Scansano DOCG - Reserve Wine Magnum

Fattoria Mantellassi

Vintage: 2016

Alcohol %: 13

Size: 1,5 L

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Le Sentinelle is the top of the line in Fattoria Mantellassi’s Morellino di Scansano D.O.C. production. It takes its name from the 2.5 ha hillside vineyard where the grapes are grown.

This wine is produced with Morellino grapes: an autoctonous Sangiovese clone which gave its name to the DOC appellation.

In cooperation with the Vivai Cooperativi Rauscedo, Fattoria Mantellassi carried out a clonal selection of the Morellino variety in the Le Sentinelle vineyard.

Thanks to this initiative, the three Sangiovese-Morellino clones in Italy were officially recognized for the first time.


Meat, hunting, fresh cheese, ragù
85 % Sangioveses 15% Alicante
Spurred Cordon Guyot
Residual Sugar
0.10 g/l
5.10 g/l
18 months in barrique - 6 months in bottle
Provenienza: Tuscany
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