Ribolla Gialla Sparkling Brut Charmat Method

Guerra Albano

Vintage: N.V.

Alcohol %: 12

Size: 0,75 L

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From the sunny yellow color, it is perceived that the grapes have ripened in an optimal way, with the right amount of nutrients from the earth, water and sun.
The aromas are extraordinarily complex and warm, the fruit and flowers mix together giving life to a wine with an inviting bouquet.
From the first sip you can feel that Ribolla brut is elegant in the mouth, with a balanced freshness given by the bubbles, and the right acidity that makes it lively and complex. It should be served in tulip-shaped sparkling wine glasses at 4 ° C.

Definitely as an aperitif, it accompanies fish and vegetable starters in batter; excellent for any meal with fish.
100% Ribolla Gialla
Modified Guyot
Residual Sugar
7.00 g/l
7.00 g/l
Charmat method
for a few months until the perlage becomes fine and elegant
Provenienza: Friuli Venezia Giulia
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