"Ninì" Salento IGP - Negroamaro


Vintage: 2020

Size: 0,75 L

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A wine with a bright color of a fairly deep pink with rose petal reflections. Medium consistency with the formation of fairly thick and fat arches. The nose is intense, fine, fruity and floral, persistent and rich in aroma. Notes of small red fruits, fresh raspberries, bitter orange garnet, tamarind and hints of red roses. Palate is dry, savory, nice freshness, not loaded with alcohol and therefore of good elegance. slightly bitter aftertaste of citrus peel, but pleasant. Beautiful persistence, balanced. Serve at 12 ° in large glasses.
It goes well with fillets of red mullet in a pan and fresh tomatoes, crushed and seared or with a nice fried fish.
50% Primitivo 50% Negromaro
Residual Sugar
5.00 g/l
5.50 g/l
Provenienza: Apulia
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