Salice Salentino DOP - Negroamaro


Vintage: 2018

Alcohol %: 13.5

Size: 0,75 L

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wine of a deep ruby red color with violet reflections, limpid, transparent, brilliant and of good consistency, very fine, of good complexity and good persistence, with fruity hints of red fruit such as cherry, currant and plum, floral notes of violets and ethereal notes.
On the palat it is a dry, velvety wine, with a good alcohol content, soft, with good persistence and intensity. Overall, the wine is balanced and presents notes of fresh red fruit in the aftertaste.
It goes well with cheese such as caciocavallo podolico or with strips of horse meat with mashed beans and stewed red onion.
100% Negroamaro
Residual Sugar
7.00 g/l
6.20 g/l
6 months in barrique/6 months in concrete tank
Provenienza: Apulia
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