"Ninì" Salento IGP - Negroamaro/Primitivo


Vintage: 2020

Size: 0,75 L

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wine of a fairly deep purple red color with violet reflections, limpid and with a nice consistency. Bows with thick, fat and numerous tears. The nose is vertical, intense, rich in small ripe red fruits, cherry, plum. Balsamic notes of licorice and eucalyptus, ethereal, good complexity and persistent note, always important, of Mediterranean scrub such as myrtle and violet floral.
On the palat it is a dry and fresh wine in acidity, its 14 ° on the palate are not felt at all. Very balanced. Good persistence and long aftertaste of red fruit and aromatic herbs. Great harmony.
Serve at 14 ° / 15 ° in very large wine glasses.
It goes well with horse meat rolls according to the Salento tradition or with stringy cooked cheeses such as scamorze and podolico caciocavallo.
50% Negroamaro 50% Primitivo
Residual Sugar
5.00 g/l
5.50 g/l
Provenienza: Apulia
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