Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Aluminum Bottle (Tuscany)

Tenuta La Pieve

Vintage: N.V.

Size: 500 ml

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From the olive grove terraces of our Farm to our traditional stone mills, an extra-virgin olive oil of exceptional quality that is born out of the “short supply chain”, eager to ennoble the dishes of Tuscan cuisine.
Characteristic Color: lively green.
Aroma: wild artichoke and herbal essences.
Flavor: intensely aromatic.
Food combinations: to season grilled meats and vegetables, or enjoyed raw.
Bottling: bottle size: 250 ml- 500 ml- 750 ml. cases with 12-6 bottles. can size: 250 ml -500 ml – 1000 ml – 3000 ml -5000 ml
Area of production: terraced hills.
Variety of olives: moraiolo 75 % , frantoio and leccino 25 % .
Characteristics of the soil: calcareous clay.
Extraction: grinding in stone mills followed by cold separation process.
Provenienza: Tuscany
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