Four generations of the Madaudo family that intertwine with the viticultural history of Sicily. Even before 1945, Nonno Alfio and later Nonno Rosario were among the first to believe and invest in the selection, bottling and marketing of wines produced exclusively from native Sicilian grapes.
 Alfio and Andrea, over the years at the helm of the winery, have invested in human resources, marketing and technology, reaching today in the Villafranca Tirrena headquarters one of the reference wineries in Sicily.
The Welcome room of Cantine Madaudo is called Palaverve and it is a 600 square meters hall which has been designed exclusevely to offer guests the opportunity to witness the bottling and capping phases of sparkling wine to give due importance to the joy of tasting it. As a place of research, experiment and teaching, in conjunction with Antonello Superior Institute of Messina. more

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