This family-run Company was founded in the last century. Nowadays it is directed by the son of Dr. Mario Marchetti, Dr. Maurizio Marchetti, oenologist, who continues the tradition of the Marche’s vine-growers with modern and safe technology. 
When most people hear the word ‘Riviera’ they think of the historic French coastline, drifting all the way up to Portofino. There is another, however - the Riviera del Conero - that promises just as much serenity and natural beauty. Home to Napoleonic fortresses, beaches that lie hundreds of stairs down hillsides, and the azure waters of the Adriatic, this stretch of Italy’s East Coast enjoys nearly 3,000 hours of sun each year, mitigated by constant, salty breezes. On the outskirts of the region’s maritime capital, Ancona, Maurizio Marchetti lives and makes wine, right in the heart of the Rosso Cònero DOC. Notably, Ancona is one of those unusual zones where the red grapes are grown proximate to the sea, while the whites are produced slightly inland.
The Rosso Conero vineyard, situated on the hills around Ancona, is made up of single unit facing south, and covers only 16 hectares, while the Verdicchio Classico vineyeards are about 8 hectares . Dimensions are intentionally kept small to assure optimum timing of all the necessary cultivating operations. more

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