Mastrototaro Food

Quality beating cold figures. Love for nature, working the soil, and vegetable farming following ancient traditions beating the industrial mentality, which focuses above all on increasing the production. Maybe
it is a romantic view in our modern world, but in this case it is true. F.lli Mastrototaro Food srl is a company specialized in foods preserved in oil, pâtés and ready-to-eat sauces.
Very up-to-date and technologically advanced machinery would enable the Mastrototaro brothers’ company to produce one hundred thousand jars a day, but it is the company's policy to never exceed five thousand jars. What is the reason? Work, energy and care mainly focus on the preliminary seeding, cultivation and the harvesting of our delicacies. Tomatoes, artichokes, eggplants, peppers and zucchini are planted in the family fields for several kilometers and they are carefully and masterly cultivated until they are harvested, a process strictly operated by hand. more

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