San Pietro

The Macchialupa Winery is located where during the day there is a solemn and mysterious silence, and the climate is healthy: dry in winter, cool and breezy in summer.
The winery was founded in 2001 from the the love of an oenologist, Angelo Valentino, for the Fiano di Avellino and Aglianico di Taurasi and the passion of an agronomist/winemaker, Giuseppe Ferrara, for the Greco di Tufo.
Valle del Sabato, on the border between the province of Avellino and Benevento, is a territory with the typical hilly aspect with wide valleys and high ridges.
Precisely on these ridges at an altitude of about 450 meters above sea level, the well-prepared territory is suitable for hosting the Greco grape; Aminea Gemina (old name of Greco grape) was imported from Thessaly before the Christian era. The name Tufo refers not only to one of the villages from which the wine comes, but also the type of rock on which the village was built. Known as tuff in English - but distinct from limestone tufa - it is made of ash ejected during an eruption which then compacts.
In Macchialpa came expert friends winemakers, in love with Fiano and Aglianico and helped Giuseppe and Angelo starting the production of their wines, a wonderful example of the warmth of the south and of the love for a land rich in winemaking tradition and culture. more

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