Cantina Cerquetta

A landscape of exceptional beauty from where you can admire the city of Rome, with its countryside, seaside, and the Prenestini hills is the setting of the ancient farmhouse from where Cantina Cerquetta arises. A wine company with an age-old history and with an important wine making tradition. 

The passion for vineyard and for wine has been the thread of all the generations passed by one after the other, and who allowed Cantina Cerquetta to be among the most important  production realities in the district of Frascati and Castelli Romani.

Today the forth generation of the Ciuffa family continues, with proud and care, the wine tradition producing prestigious and important wines, among which the best Frascati wine ever produced, which well expresses the elegance and strength of the so beloved and honoured lands of Frascati, and impressing on their own products that fair personalization needed to enlarge the by now wide oenological scenario. more

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