Conte di Provaglio

Chiara Ziliani's winery, owner of the Brand Conte di Provaglio,  is 31 hectares which are all placed in the important wine region where sparkling wine "Franciacorta DOCG" is produced.
The winery is on a small, morainic hill in the village of Provaglio d'Iseo, 240 meters above sea level. It includes various terraced plots of land connected by slopes and roads. The vineyards currently in cultivation occupy twelve hectares on slopes having a difference of 50 meters between the highest and lowest point and exposures that vary from east to southwest. This configuration is particularly important for the diversity of each piece of land which offers various microclimatic characteristics. The consideration of these factors (land-exposure-climate) in the choice of different varieties enables the winery to obtain diversified, high-quality production. more

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