Cantina Orsogna

Cantina Orsogna, active since 1964 in the Abruzzo area, which by 2022 will have 100% of the hectares under organic management, operates with attention to nature which translates into a global eco-sustainability project that has led to the complete ban on use of plastics, including bottle caps on all organic and biodynamic wines.
It stands out in the wine scene not only for its great commitment and passion, but also for the attention paid to the environment in every aspect. This is so true that in 2018 it was awarded, from the International Biodynamic Wine Conference of San Francisco, as the largest company in the World for Demeter certified biodynamic production 
The Chicchibelli brand is produced from grapes from specific producers and members who capitalize on the professionalism and tecnology made available by Cantina Orsogna which allows members not to lose the specificity and paternality of their wines
Camillo Zulli, who has been involved in organic agriculture at an academic, institutional, and entrepreneurial level since the end of the 1980s, is the Technical Director of the Orsogna Winery for organic and biodynamic wines produced without added sulphites and with the use of indigenous yeasts, and the production of ancestral sparkling wines. more

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