Vattaro Fruit

The Vattaro Fruit Farm is a small company located on the Vigolana Plateau at approx. 700 m above sea level in the heart of the Dolomites and Alpe Cimbra born in 2017 from the idea of ​​three young people with a passion for agriculture, but with an eye to environmental sustainability and the enhancement of their territory.
In the countryside we operate according to the criteria of organic farming  with the aim of obtaining high quality fruit to be used for our processed products. Some examples of the least possible intervention of our approach are: cultivation of strawberries in the open field without forcing, the creation of mixed plots that enhance the presence of complex and more resilient agrosystems, the choice and research of ancient and forgotten varieties which, on the one hand, penalize productivity, on the other maintain aromas and a fantastic fragrance.
The choice of transforming fruit for us means giving it a second life, respecting its aromas as well as its textures, transcending the seasons while keeping the nutritional aspects unaltered and why not, sometimes playing and daring with combinations.
To do this, we combine modern techniques and knowledge with past traditions and cultures with the sole aim of obtaining the highest possible quality. more

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