La Stecciaia

La Stecciaia is the first Organic Certified Agricultural Brewery in Italy. It was born in Rapolano Terme, within the Podere del Pereto farm in Riva Isabella, which has been cultivating cereals according to the organic method since 1997.
 The choice of organic acquires added value, combined with the production of raw materials within our company, as allows us to take responsibility and control of the entire production chain, starting from the land and its cultivation.
 The craft brewing process is taken care of in every detail, from the "cooking" to the refinement. Our beers are neither filtered, nor pasteurized, to keep all the elements that contribute to the final organoleptic result intact.
Our attention to health and the environment is also reflected in the production phase, for example through the generation of electricity using photovoltaic panels installed on the roof of the brewery and the recycling of waste grains from the brewing process within the brewery. more

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